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The ADDSOI Testing Center

About The ADDSOI Testing Center

The ADDSOI Testing Center - The inability to learn is treatable Since 1987, The ADDSOI Testing Center has been enormously successful in diagnosing children and adults with attention and learning disabilities.

This success stems from a systematic approach of testing and assessment not available in public/private schools or other private centers.

The causes of learning disabilities are varied but the key to identifying the various types can only be known through proper assessment.
  • Cognitive Problems
    Some learning disabilities are Cognitive - the individual has not yet developed those abilities necessary for success in the instructional program. Through years of research with the Structure of Intellect (SOI) theory, we've proven that learning abilities can be developed. The ADDSOI Testing Center offers cognitive assessment of those learning abilities that require strengthening.

  • Perceptual Problems
    Some learning disabilities are Perceptual - the individual has not developed those perceptual/auditory/visual skills necessary to assimilate instruction. These skills can be developed and strengthened. The ADDSOI Testing Center offers assessment to diagnose perceptual problems to develop visual and auditory processing skills.
Success in school means performing at or above grade level in the regular classroom. Success as an adult means being able to perform in your job or handle multiple tasks in your daily life. It includes the ability to pay attention, memorize, make decisions and problem solve. It also involves the ability to accurately follow directions and acquire skills that enable meaningful relationships and employment in the future.

Unfortunately, not all children are successful in school or adults successful in employment because they have some form of a learning disability. Many times, these learning disabilities are hidden and affect people who are perfectly normal in every other way. Only through proper testing and assessments will these disabilities become known.

Some learning disabilities are not treatable, but these instances are rare and almost always organic. Excluding these cases, The ADDSOI Testing Center is SUCCESSFUL OVER 90% OF THE TIME.

The ADDSOI Testing Center isolates the causes of learning disabilities. Every improvement boosts self-esteem and confidence, which translates into success at home and in the classroom.

The ADDSOI Testing Center
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