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Nutrition Studies have shown conclusive links between nutrition and children's cognitive development as well as behavior.

Listed below are articles about nutrition and common food ingredients and the effects they have on learning.

Nutrition Articles

Omega-3's and You
Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils are an essential nutrient needed for children's brains to function normally.
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What's Wrong with Partially Hydrogenated Oils?
Partially hydrogenated oils make you gain weight the same way that saturated fats do -- by making you consume even more fat to get the essential fatty acids you need. They produce disease over the long term and interfere with the body's ability to ingest and utilize the good fats!
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High Fructose Corn Syrup: Sweet, but Sinister
HFCS raises an alarm because we consume so much of it. High soda consumption has been implicated in rising rates of diabetes and heart disease.
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Excitotoxins and You
Excitotoxins affect a specific type of neurons and cause widespread destruction of neurons in the retina of the eye, the hypothalamus, and the circumventricular organs.
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