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Innovation in Education Innovation in Education: Reaching The Individual Student
Dr. Valerie Maxwell
August, 2010

This paper was awarded for "Outstanding Presentation" at the International Conference on Organizational Innovation, Bangkok, Thailand, August, 2010.
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Innovation in Education SOI Mexico

PDF of an article in Spanish from Mexico about the effectiveness of SOI.
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Easy IEP Help Learning Disability Testing
Easy IEP Help
July 7, 2010

Most learning difficulties are due to the lack of learning abilities. The first step in any remedial processes is to find which learning abilities are missing through learning disability testing.
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Easy IEP Help Learning Disability Centers
Easy IEP Help
June 18, 2010

Learning Disability Centers for children with disabilities don't get the credit or exposure they deserve.
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Daily Breeze Experts to Address Learning Disorders
Easy Reader
January 11, 2007

On January 19, 2007, Dr. Valerie Maxwell's Foundation for Learning Development will host the first in a series of conferences to address ways of treating children with autism, ADHD, and other learning disorders.
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Daily Breeze Exercising the Brain
Daily Breeze
February 24, 1999

A new kind of workout can be found at The ADDSOI Testing Center, where young minds are trained by a combination of physical activities and visual, perceptual and auditory exercises.
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