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ADD and ADHD Life Coaching

by Valerie Maxwell, Ph.D.

Kids with ADD and ADHD have an opportunity. The system in our country is not always wired to accept these "exceptions to the rule." This can result in a lot of problems. Medication can help, but not alone. Therapy can help, but not alone. Coaching can help, but not alone. If given the right kind of support (which is different for every person), a kid with ADD will not just survive school, but THRIVE.

With a good therapy and communication between the parents and school, and a personal coach for the student on a more frequent basis - the student can learn the skills necessary to become self sufficient and accomplish tasks, both great and small.

An ADD life coach is someone who starts by helping a student with their homework. This seems simple. But the principles of organizing and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks, budgeting time, list making and coherent application of effort can be used in any area of life.

The aim is to start a simple positive feedback loop, where a student starts doing small things well, gets praise and encouragement from a coach and then moves on to bigger things.

In my experience, the feedback loop starts small and gets bigger, to the point where a student adjusts their life goals, because they can actualize their full capabilities. By helping them to master the "rules of the game," they can get on top of their own lives and take pride in doing well in school and being able to express themselves coherently, and developing their individual passions.

With the opportunity that ADD kids have, and with the right help, they can become incredibly creative and successful people, who are deeply fulfilled. Just like a great athlete, everyone needs a tough but supportive coach sometimes.

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