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Counseling / Therapy

Struggling with depression or anxiety can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. At my counseling and therapy practice, I offer a range of approaches to help you overcome your obstacles. From cognitive-behavioral treatments (CBT THERAPY) to hypnotherapy, EMDR, and humanistic brief solution-oriented therapy, I will work quickly with you to find the best approach to help you feel better and lead a more balanced life.

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Forms and Insurance Information

for New Therapy Clients


Thank you for your interest in therapy services. We have made our new client forms and a checklist available to make sure your initial office visit with us is as convenient as possible.

Please follow ALL of the steps below for your initial appointment:

1. Make an appointment by calling (310) 546-6500.


2. Download and complete the New Client Forms and Therapy Assessment, Disclosure Statement and Agreement, and Notice of Privacy Practices before the appointment.




Please note; the Insurance Questionnaire form must be filled out entirely before your appointment. Simply call your insurance company (number on the card) and ask the questions on the Questionnaire. This is so you are aware of your out of pocket expenses.

If services are for a child, please fill out the Child Intake Form as well.

Please print these forms and fill out and either email us, or bring with you to your next appointment.

4. Bring your co-payment amount with you in the form of cash or check or if you are doing therapy via videoconference please be prepared to pay via Zelle or Venmo. 


5. Please email a copy of both sides of your insurance card along with all of the forms to Dr. Maxwell prior to your appointment. Her email is

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